Winter Circle

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March 15, 2016... 

 We have the winter circle in our skies today. You will find our moon surrounded by a circle of stars, with 1 brightly close to our moon and 3 faint. The total number of stars to focus are 11 + our moon and then we will add 2 for the change. The way this is going to be written is the way it is coming in. This may make sense or no sense, yet this cycle is set to expand until 2052 and then 2070, in 5 year intervals. At 2025, the 13th constellation is added in. The only 7 year interval is between 2045 and 2052. Astrology 14. By 2052, another constellation will lead our first house... Pisces before Aries. It has something to do with the future pole star... Errai. There are 9 that continue in circulation over 26,000 years. This will change as the Andromeda galaxy continues her ascent towards the Milkyway galaxy.

 I am going to list the star of focus and topic of discussion. This is going to lead from Aries, tropical astrology. 

 Aries... star of focus, Alnilam... "string of pearls"... “the ever pulsating Force of Life that emerges through the creative, fiery ethers, traveling through all the various planes of the involutionary and evolutionary schemes of life, until it anchors itself in the world of forms”. Tropical: March 21~ April 20, WB: April 18~May 13, Astrology 14: April 16~May 11. 

 Taurus... star of focus, Aldebaran... “the follower” (of the pleiades)...  “To sail like the flying ones”. The focus is Harmony/Conflict. Tropical: April 21~May 20, WB May 13~June 21, Astrology 14: June 7~July 2. 

 Gemini... star of focus: Capella... “the goat”. Lord of Karma... co-creator of material forms...”This will be achieved through some form of service, that involves bringing together and harmonizing individuals and groups of people”. Tropical: May 21~ June 20,  WB: June 21~July 20, Astrology 14: July 3~July 28. 

 Cancer... star of focus: Alnitak... “the girdle". The opportunity for giving out a special type of nourishment. Thy cup overfloweth. Receiving and giving. Giving and receiving. Tropical: June 21~ July 22, WB: July 20~ August 10, Astrology 14: July 29~ August 23. 

 Leo... star of focus: Castor (who is now located in gemini). Said to be son of  Tyndareus (a mortal) and Leda. Balancing the constant flux. Love as it may operate through One in an individual way. Into the intense self-consciousness. Tropical: July 23~ August 22, WB: August 10~ September 16, Astrology 14: August 24~ September 18. 

 Virgo... star of focus: Rigel... "the foot of the great one". Awakening of the inner, subjective life. (based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions). Tropical: August 23~ September 22, WB: September 16~ October 30, Astrology 14: September 19~October 14. 

 Libra... star of focus: Betelgeuse. The balancing of the lower self and the soul... through the heart meridian. Libra: September 23~ October 22, WB: October 30~ November 23, Astrology 14: October 15~November 9. 

 Scorpio... star of focus: Procyon... “before the dog”. Tests... “desire into love and personal will into the Will-to-Good of the Soul”. Tropical: October 23~ November 21, WB: November 23~ November 29 (not sure why so short), Astrology 14: November 10~December 5. 

 Sagittarius... star of focus: Mintaka... The glyph that is used to represent this sign. The arrow points to the target and that target is the unity of a Soul-centered life. Tropical: November 22~ December 21, WB: December 17~ January 20, Astrology 14: January 1~ January 26. 

 Capricorn... star of focus: Sirius...  “scorcher”.  A great deal to do with the anchoring of foundations, a firm base upon which future structures may be built. Tropical: December 22~ January 20, WB: January 20~ February 16, Astrology 14: January 27~ February 21. 

 Aquarius... The focus is the Moon. Leading through being heart centered. Tropical: January 21~ February 19, WB: February 16~ March 11, Astrology 14: February 22~March 20. 

 Pisces... star of focus: Pollux... The Soul is the Way through which Spirit connects to Matter and Matter to Spirit. “the experience of the pain of the illusion, of separation existing between the Soul and the personality”. Tropical: February 19~ March 20, WB: March 11~ April 18, Astrology 14: March 21~ April 15. 

 13. Ophiuchus... "serpent-bearer". Star of focus: the Sun, planet: Jupiter. “those experiences and the testing through which this wisdom was obtained, and hence their symbols are each other’s turned upside-down”. Transmuting through the center stage. Tropical: NA, WB: November 29~ December 18, Astrology 14: December 6~ 31. Helios. 

 14. Cetus... “the whale”. Vesta is the focus. Family and Hearth. The Laws and the Principles of the New Age. Tropical: NA, WB: NA, Astrology 14: May 12~June 6.