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  Jan 14 2022

Morning! I continue to enjoy phone/zoom sessions! Whatever people feel most comfortable with. I am connecting between 830am and 445pm edt, Monday thru Friday. Utilize the "contact me" if you are new, and welcome :-) Clients I have already worked with, feel free to be in touch per normal <3 (supposed to be a heart).

* Question about essential oils. Lemon Eucalyptus from Brasil, White Camphor from China/Spain, Fennel Seed from Spain and Lavandin (not Lavender), from France. 

All is well. Enjoying focusing and witnessing momentum, speed up and slow down. I am here. If I am not writing, I am here more than ever before.

There are many things to understand. The Age of Pisces had focus upon creation without, not within. Aquarius is a choice between understanding the power of the human beingness and technology working for One.

Pay attention to your backyard. Get your hands in the literal Earth. A cross section of DNA is seen as the microscopic sacred geometry symbol,  of the seed of life. Above, tracking the Earth and moons rotation around the sun, for 365 days, in completion is this same symbol. As above, so below. There is the ability to download and upload the "library of C" on a section, of a strand of DNA. That is a lot of energy. Where will you choose to focus.


Ancestral Clearing: “Spiritual Intervention

Comprehensive Forgiveness Prayer:

I See All in Wellness ~xErica Shesa

For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

As requested and mentioned in the recording, the name of the book for recovery. Natural Rest for Addiction, by Scott Kiloby. Website:

Wim Hof: