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July 27, 2021

Morning! I continue to enjoy phone/zoom sessions! Whatever people feel most comfortable with. I am connecting between 830am and 445pm edt, Monday thru Friday. Utilize the "contact me" if you are new, and welcome :-) Clients I have already worked with, feel free to be in touch per normal <3 (supposed to be a heart).

 All is well. Balancing life, schedule and being, well into a shortened (compact)  pro sport season. I continue to also enjoy my equally primary non pro sport clientele as well. I continue to be in a bubble along with pro sport weekly testing and guidelines, though all have been vaccinated. Be in touch as I add a new client weekly. Booking is 4 weeks out minimum, at the moment.  I had a question about aviation. Here is the link. As for private travel, things tend to be a little more calm on John's Island. It is closer to the gated Islands as well. Be in touch for personalized individual specs.

I received a fantastic question today, "what happened to the writing?" I had been writing daily for over 7 years with an energetic read on the day. An equation revealed itself and was very effective/affective (all time and space now). 

First, the writing has become too slow. By the time the writing was done, the "allocation of space" was gone. The level has gotten higher. You are it. It's clarifying. The information was an informing of its own. A remembering. To move higher and lower, inner matching outer and vice versa, one has to invest in it. It is no longer a reading, it's a being. You have all the resources. I may or may not return to it again.

Second, the request for my focus has increased exponentially. I focus where I am requested.

Lastly, the momentum overall has picked up pace. I am focusing on those who want to invest in themselves and that in the micro/macrocosm, that benefits all. 

Ancestral Clearing Replay; "Clearing Self-Sabotage":


Comprehensive Forgiveness Prayer:

I See All in Wellness ~xErica Shesa

For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

As requested and mentioned in the recording, the name of the book for recovery. Natural Rest for Addiction, by Scott Kiloby. Website:

Wim Hof: