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October 19 2018...

 Good afternoon. We are going to go over some dates and such today. Just a mention before things get really moving, into the holidays.

 My eyes are on 2 aspects today. Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde, which will take us to the 24th of December. I will get into specifics as we go, as things change and evolve daily. Some patterns may remain the same, yet aspects change with the skies, environment, emotions and happenings.

 Until the 31st of October, Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio.

 "Mercury is in Scorpio from October 9-31. When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. While Mercury in Libra urged us to find balance and to arrive at fair solutions, Mercury in Scorpio instinctively knows that life simply isn’t fair. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence. Looking for motivations–the more deeply buried the better–satisfies an intellectual need now. Our thoughts are profound. We throw away superficial manners of communicating in favor of deep conversations. Scorpio is extremely sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking is inclined to be one-track minded, focused, and even obsessive.

 Venus is in Scorpio from September 9-October 31. Deeply passionate relations are the focus with Venus in Scorpio. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy now, as we yearn for “body and soul” contact with someone special–contact that breaks the taboos, that is extreme and intense, and that is unforgettable. This is a highly emotional position for Venus. It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Our relationships are immensely important to us, and we may even feel that they consume us. In fact, we tend to want to be consumed by them! Our drive is toward intense closeness, but blind faith in our partners is extremely hard for us now. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up our own power to others are strong. Scorpio is an “all or nothing” energy, and relationships tend to be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride as a result. Disdain for mediocrity and superficiality can compel us to create crises in order to feel alive and vital. "~A

 Venus is in “Re”… old relationship issues, people, places and things will be making their Re-debut. These occurrences may be packed with a first time feel, yet have the backing of a lifetime of experience. Mercury Retrograde shadow begins on the 1st of November. Direct is the 15th/16th/17th, depending on where you are. The retrograde is direct in Sagittarius. We move out of Venus retrograde the 15th/16th of November. The beginning of Venus retrograde is communicating about everything that Venus rules. Re: review, renew, repeat, release (sign up for again… as in if you re-lease a property), and the word re-vow. Hmmm… The ending of Venus retrograde, is possible minced communication, on everything Venus rules.

 Other dates to note. Starting tomorrow the 20th through the 4th, we have the energy of a thin veil. Full Blood Moon on the 24th of October, in Taurus. We are moving into Scorpio season and typically “all souls eve and dia de los muertos”. Things may get a bit dicey. One may have the inclination to hibernate for the next 2 weeks or get out there, roll up your sleeves and get gritty with it. Regardless, take care of yourselves and one another. This could be a time, full of clarity. It is my job to make sure there is a heads up involved. Hopefully, it allows for some extra space, to respond and not react. We shall see.

 ~xErica Shesa