The Dailies

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May 24 2019...

 Recording for today: Tower~

May 22 2019...

  Good afternoon. The Sun and Mercury have moved into the sign of Gemini. Curiosity, interest in superficial knowledge and distraction (scatteredness) are highlight. Enter, the possible con artist. With Venus in Taurus, the senses are going to be highlight. Avante-garde expressions (in contrast to what is normal). The key is: are they consistent, over longer periods of time.

 Highlight is also on the constellation of Virgo and Corvus. Think of the Raven, who is very organized. The interesting thing is Raven’s are known to have 30 different vocalizations. I just happen to see something on Edgar Allen Poe, as I was scanning through the schedule for Spoleto/Piccolo. Poe joined the army in 1827, and was sent to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island. I just happen to be across from the Fort this afternoon. Interesting how things fall together.

 Raven’s are also known as the “seers of the unseen”. Though their feathers look very black, they are multicolored. There is reference to dark matter, dark space and multicolored universe.

~xErica Shesa