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July 2 2022

Afternoon! I continue to enjoy phone/zoom sessions! Whatever people feel most comfortable with. I am connecting between 830am and 445pm edt, Monday thru Friday. Utilize the "contact me" if you are new, and welcome :-) Clients I have already worked with, feel free to be in touch per normal <3 (supposed to be a heart).

Moving back into pro~sport season thru November. Schedule will be booking out 4~5 weeks. Have a few spots available for 830-12 noon EST apts. Be in touch to secure appointment time.

* Question about essential oils. Lemon Eucalyptus from Brasil, White Camphor from China/Spain, Fennel Seed from Spain and Lavandin (not Lavender), from France. 

All is well. Enjoying focusing and witnessing momentum, speed up and slow down. I am here. If I am not writing, I am here more than ever before.

This week has been very dramatic in many ways. The in between is where many like to reside. On the other sides of the in between, is the extreme. The extreme will call one if that is where the momentum has resided. Those who have known you in the extreme, will not comprehend the in between. You can not meet people in the extreme and have access to the resources of the now. In sharing information with proof, some may not think they are "ready". If it is brought to you by question of them, they are ready.

Replay: “What Led You Here”J.N

Comprehensive Forgiveness Prayer:

I See All in Wellness ~xErica Shesa

For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

Wim Hof: