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Sept 26 2022

Fla; Tampa, Sarasota, Venice. Keep an eye on the storm. It is moving faster than normal, though it looks not to be. Between 8 and 9am Wednesday EDT, something shifts. Then, it picks up speed and the jump in normal wind to gusts is in some spaces, double. Wind is the focus here. Higher gusts start Wed 1pm. I will update if it shifts. Make plans. In CHS, we have 8 lanes out, 4 normal and 4 reversal (no exit for 2 hours/faster moving) and other evac routes. Not sure of your evac routes.  

Replay: “Internal Navigation”J.N

Comprehensive Forgiveness Prayer:

I See All in Wellness ~xErica Shesa

For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

Wim Hof: