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Sept 15, 2021

Morning! I continue to enjoy phone/zoom sessions! Whatever people feel most comfortable with. I am connecting between 830am and 445pm edt, Monday thru Friday. Utilize the "contact me" if you are new, and welcome :-) Clients I have already worked with, feel free to be in touch per normal <3 (supposed to be a heart).

 All is well. Balancing life, schedule and being, well into a shortened (compact)  pro sport season. I continue to also enjoy my equally primary non pro sport clientele as well. I continue to be in a bubble along with pro sport weekly testing and guidelines, though all have been vaccinated. Be in touch as I add a new client weekly. Booking is 4 weeks out minimum, at the moment. I had a question about aviation. Here is the link. As for private travel, things tend to be a little more calm on John's Island. It is closer to the gated Islands as well. Be in touch for personalized individual specs.

Ancestral Clearing Call, “Great Decisions”:


Comprehensive Forgiveness Prayer:

I See All in Wellness ~xErica Shesa

For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

As requested and mentioned in the recording, the name of the book for recovery. Natural Rest for Addiction, by Scott Kiloby. Website:

Wim Hof: