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March 31 2020 

 Afternoon. I hope all is well for you and yours. Pup (Roslyn) and I continue to get our exercise, along with dancing and classes from @doyourumble, to relieve stress! For your reading or listening pleasure, A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle is an open avenue. Enjoy the day and back with you soon.

 A gentle mention that there is a possibility of putting a power bill from your home residence, in your vehicle. There is a possibility that where one lives and their drivers license address, does not match. You would like to have proof of residence, paying taxes in such said state/country, on hand. Work Visas, copy of residence agreement, at all times.

Today's Frequency.

  Mercury retrograde shadow began Feb 2nd and continues until Feb 16th, in the constellation of Aquarius. The highlight is balance, what is “fair” and loving inclusivity. From the 16th of Feb to the 9th of March, we are in Mercury retrograde in constellation Pisces. Highlight is the indwelling love/wisdom principle, in our (inner) outer life. From March 9-29th, we are in Mercury post shadow, in Aquarius. Highlight is again, balance, what is “fair” and loving inclusivity.

I see all in wellness ~xErica Shesa

 Resources: Free Screenings*

 For the younger ones, I recently found this resource interesting: BACA

 As requested and mentioned in the recording, the name of the book for recovery. Natural Rest for Addiction, by Scott Kiloby. Website:

Wim Hof: