The Dailies

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January 27 2020

  Good afternoon. I hope all is well with you and yours. In our skies this evening, we have Venus and Neptune very close to each other. This is going to be a very intense week. Relationships move to their next level.

 There have been conversations of people witnessing more… highs and lows, within and without. When there is a shift to a higher or clearer level, there is an ability to see more. If one is on the ground, their view is going to be unique to their perspective. If one then stands half way up a mountain, their view is going to be unique to their perspective. You will see more, experience more, witness more. The common denominators here are being grounded (regardless of height) and unique to your perspective (that changes with height). Tap into the feeling nature, to see how you feel about the situation.

 There has been a lot of information about people experiencing synchronicities at a top rate pace and not knowing how to sift and sort through what is “real” for them. This is where the feeling nature comes in. If it feels off, pay attention. If it feels on, pay attention. There are creative forces working on your behalf in every moment, to provide one with opportunities to experience the life of their dreams. I know it is hard to trust and have faith. I can say, if it something you truly desire with all of you, you will have it.

 I can not explain the steps or supposed “missteps” that get us there. I can say that the creative force working upon your behalf, will never give up on you. Ever. Your dreams are loved and supported, no matter how expansive they are. Focus on what you want. If possible, get into a space of the “feel good” and more “feel good” will be magnified to you.

 The wording is “you are loved beyond belief”. That may be why we have a challenging time comprehending. We came here knowing, with an agreement to forget and remember, by experiencing… peeling back the layers and going for what we want, no matter what anyone else thinks. Keep going.

 I understand that the sudden passing of many, has been on the hearts of many. I keep hearing, “look for them not where they were, but where they are”. In a ray of sunshine, in a gentle rain. In beloved words, in the music that moves you. Always there, always eternal, always in your wings, always on your behalf, always loving you.

 In wellness ~xErica Shesa


 As requested and mentioned in the recording, the name of the book for recovery. Natural Rest for Addiction, by Scott Kiloby. Website:

Wim Hof: