The Dailies

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March 19 2019...

 Mastering time. This concept is going to come into consideration, when working through this supermoon in Libra. Compromising, negotiating, graciousness, balancing and owning projections, will be highlight. Also, the tides have been high in or morning commute. Check your tide tables and plan accordingly.

 Almost there. Illumination will bring cause to revel something of your nature. Check in with the timing. The question is not, is it time to reveal. The question is, if the timing syncs, with what one is declaring.

 Competition, elation, agitation, sleepless states and confusion is present. Check in with ones feeling nature. Is it the right time, or is there something that feels off. This is not about hesitation.

 I remember once having to deliver very important papers. I had a deadline for my attorney and it needed to be in at a certain time and day, prior holiday. Needless to stay, I was literally stopped from getting there. Papers did not get delivered. I missed my timeline… or did I. Not long after, something appeared that I was not expecting. I ended up switching attorneys and the entire story changed.

 Here is the thing about interventions. You are only as open to receiving the “right” information and the clues to the next steps, as you are willing to loosen. The game is over when you drop the rope (tug of war). Be conscious of conditions, projections, nostalgia. The time is now, every moment.

~xErica Shesa