The Dailies

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December 10 2018...

  Good afternoon. There may be a feeling of things happening quickly or not happening at all. A glance into the way things have been and the way they could be, with a pretty large “jump” into the new. There is a bridge and it is being placed like a mosaic. Very intently and very gently. It is happening.

 When big things are going on/"not", there is a propensity to feel like, We/I/One, is the only person going through it, ever. When “we” are so in it, it is challenging to see through it. That is what others, outside of ones perspective or view, assist with. You are absolutely not alone. There is a way through. Not over, or under... through. If it seems too big, go moment by moment. Think of the mosaic above. To gather and create, is no fast or ultimately simple task. It takes time, focus, patience, rest and fun. Yes, I said fun. The best way to get out of a cycle is to play, serve others, or find a helpful distraction.

 When I mention coming back to the core, I am aware that most of the mention, is movement. I am also aware, that coming back to the center, could also be connecting to your highest preferred form of creation possible. The reason I mention movement, is that it literally moves energy. One can sit and process as well.  

 There is a both/and happening here. This is duality. The blending of worlds. This is not one or the other, it is both. It was once mentioned, that “the only thing that could throw one off track, is thinking and believing that “this” shouldn’t be happening”. At the moment, this mention infuriated me and relieved me, in the same breath. Truly different feeling. We tend to think we have a better plan. We also do not have the time, sight or expansiveness, of ones highest aspiration of creation.

 Look for what is coming up for you. A chicken or the egg, cart before the horse, kinds of situations. You have a thought and then something happens. Not like an algorithm that tracks your likes. Look up and see what is around you. What do you hear happening? What random connections are appearing? Who are you seeing? Keep going. You are greatness, no matter the moment.

 ~xErica Shesa