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Erica Girth  

 The road less traveled and curiosity abound, has taken me on quite a journey, thus far. Dance, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Exercise Kinesiology, Neuro~linguistic Programming, Shaman Studies, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Atomic Energy, etc... A solid foundation of personal passion, combined with the allies of choice and curiosity, ensures continued growth and learning... to the edge and back, and everything in between. Life is a process, passion and personal truth, my priority... integrity and authenticity, my liege. 

 Why I do what I do? I have been asked this a million times. I could give one a surface answer, but I would rather give what I call the secondary. I believe that within an answer, there is always something much deeper and profound, as the underlining beat... like a symphony, it is a dance of all things. I do what I do because of passion, conviction and love of life, experience and infinite possibility ... connectivity to the self and others, is an amazing thing... if guided correctly. I serve as a guide, I assist in the unveiling, of true personal passion and the possibilities seen. 

 I extend to you and yours, sessions is Massage Therapy, Life, Passion and Business AdvisingEnergy Medicine and Dance. My website can be accessed at and my contact is and 843~670~1117. 

 My Private Practice is located at 140A (top floor) East Bay Street

 Parking for 140A (top floor) East Bay Street, is located and vouchered for at 25 Prioleau St (Prioleau St. Garage) and 1 Cumberland St (Concord Garage). There is also complementary 2 hour District B Parking. Connect with the "Directions/Parking" page for more information. 

 Charleston, SC is my beautiful base of home and private practice of choice. Adjunct locations are the Manhattans, NY and CA. Global travel is greatly enjoyed and desired.