Energy Medicine

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 When explaining Energy Medicine, I always relate it back to the relationship between an atom "a fundamental piece of matter" and radiation describing “any process in which energy travels through a catalyst or through space, ultimately to be absorbed by another object.” This equates to Partical Physics which “studies the elementarysubatomic constituents of matter and radiation, and the interactive relationship between them”. 


 In short, everything one sees, can be broken down into particles of Energy. One can surmise, that every tangible thing, has an energetic component, to its make-up. The human physical body, falls within the same point of reference. If the human body does in fact have an energetic field of reference, every day environmental living, can affect this energetic field. I have found in my work and studies, that at the most surfaced levels, this energy field can become dense, hence resulting in one feeling a bit "weighed down". This Energy Matrix can be rebalanced, through many modalities of Energy Medicine.