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 At the moment, I work specifically with women, to remember how to be in their bodies, through Dance. Time, life and  circumstance, allow for the ability to forget how powerful, the inner feminine feeling intuition, is. This is a time to remember. Connect back in with ones inner wisdom, body and spirit, through movement.

 I have been trained since the age of 5. My area of expertise is in the realms of salsa, also enjoying bachata and kizomba. To say that this is a space for hips, is an understatement. It does not matter if one "knows" how to dance. To dance, one has to feel the music first.

I enjoy personal sessions as well as small class sizes. 5 is the max, as I utilize my strenghts in my years of energy, to assist in the process of clearing. Whether to loosen up, blow off some steam or tap back in, this space is safe and sound, to relax your inner being.

Ps... there are no mirrors. No need. This is about feeling... not seeing.