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    I have spoken to many people in the past few weeks, about my Sliding Scale. Why have I chosen to work with one? It is quite personal actually. There was a time when I was looking for someone like me with regularity. I have chosen to train with the best in the world. I am grateful to stand among them.  

 20+ years... traveling the world, searching, learning, experiencing and implementing. I am always learning and evolving. I offer high quality expertise and a "feeling great" experience. I love what I do and what I offer is very effective. 

I have a favorite Bistro that I frequent often. It has become what I like to call "my background music". I go there without questioning. The fare and ambiance are amazing, consistent and something I enjoy, more often, than other establishments. 

Periphery... it is the back drop, it is more unique and tangible, than you could have ever imagined. It is your lifeline. How one lives and breathes. It is your quality of life. It is your health. Take care of yourselves... you are worth it. 

30 minute/ 50~80

60 minute/ 1 hour: 100~150

90 minute/ 1.5 hours : 135~200

120 minute/ 2 hours: 180~250

* I hold a very strong 24 hour cancellation policy, except for extreme emergency, which can be discussed. In value and integrity of your time and mine, within 24 hours, full payment is required. If I cancel within 24 hours, your following session is on me. Payment information will be requested pre~booking, to assure both parties exclusivity. Please review the Cancellation Policy, for more information.