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October 19 2017

  The new moon today is in the sign of Libra (astrology) and in the constellation of Virgo (astronomy), due to the precession of the equinoxes. Highlight is going to be Love/Wisdom, possible harmony through conflict and what one would term “sacred”. 

 For some reason today, there is a bit of a pendulum swing as well. Things are either clear, or not clear. Watch the position of giving ultimatums. At this moment, there is a lot of internal questioning going on. You may want an answer now, but the person does not have an answer, because they are considering more aspects than before. This could be in your favor. As a friend of mine would say, it’s not quite cooked yet. “You could take it out of the oven now, but you would miss out on the crispy, yummy, gooey bits”. Hang in there. 

 Check out your person environment and see what you would like to bring in and let go of. New color, new flavor. Is there something you have been wanting to create? You could possibly go window shopping, just to see what catches your eye. If you find yourself super spicy, I find cooling down is always an option. Something sweet and smooth, like a budino. I had one the other evening, with caramel at the bottom. If you find yourself a little chilly, spice it up. Note this does not infer, that others will want to cool off or spice it up with you... but when they see you having so much fun, you never know. 

 Enjoy the week. I’ll be traveling and back with you Tuesday. 

~xErica Shesa