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August 17 2017

  Good afternoon. Very busy week and things are just heating up! 2 things I would like to go over today. First is going to be “the veil”. The second is going to be “resources and perspective”. 

 The “veil” in most speak, symbolizes the separation between the material world and the spiritual world. For some time, people have felt comfortable being on one side or the other. As this veil “thins”, there is time and opportunity to integrate one world into the other. The veil is gone. Both “worlds” exist simultaneously, at once. Some people will say, “of course”. Others may not. 

 Another way to look at this is rose colored glasses or very dark glasses. It is like taking the glasses off and seeing things for what they are. There is not too much hidden anymore and peoples choices (cause and affect/effect) are being witnessed more clearly and easily, conceptually. 

 Also, some conversations are about “sleep time” and wake time. Besides more or less sleep, people are having uncanny “real feeling” occurrences, in their dream state. Also, people are having “dream like happenings”, in their waking state. What is real or what is not? What I do suggest, is to remain as clear as possible, so it is easier to decipher and discern. 

 This leads us to perspective. There was a movie that was coming to mind, as I began to write. The movie is called, Oz, the Great and Powerful. Now, Oz, after telling everyone he was a wizard, ran into quite a predicament. Sometimes, the way to solve a problem, has less to do with what you think the answer is and more to do with what is innately available. Resources. If you have not seen the movie I would recommend. If you have seen it, you may understand where I am coming from. When the veil is gone, what do you do? If you think you are not, who you say you are, you actually may be, but differently than you think. The view of the prism offers many aspects and possibilities, to ones being. Highest regard. 

 ~xErica Shesa

 ps...  I have had people ask what they can do, to support this new moon/solar eclipse. Lead by example. The butterfly flaps its wings...